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A simple, filesystem-backed wiki for Lapis.


Liki depends on Lapis, and Lapis depends on OpenResty.

Openresty has binaries for most linux distros, Windows and Mac.

Lapis can then be installed with luarocks install lapis.


Create the content directories inside liki's root directory: mkdir -p content/pages && mkdir content/histories

You could link them from elsewhere if you prefer.

Run lapis server in Liki's root directory. Liki will be available at localhost:8080.

For a public-facing deployment, run lapis server production instead. You'll likely want to set up a systemd service (or equivalent).

For more advanced setups, see the Lapis config guide.


All of your pages are stored as regular markup in the content/pages directory.


To style the wiki, edit static/stylesheet.css.